From January 2016, the NMC requires all Nurses in Europe to pass the IELTS English exam (International English Language Testing System) in order to recognize their registration in the UK.


Since the introduction of this exam, the feedback we have received from Nurses and employers is that not everyone gets the level required basically because, in their view, the preparatory courses offered by the Hospitals in the UK do not meet the time needed or are not focused on the individual needs of each candidate.



Therefore, Nurses have encountered difficulties while dealing with their professional duties and the demands to prepare a complex exam, as well as the adaptation to a new country that is also alien. Vitae Professionals and its partners are aware of this fact, and that is why we have created alternatives for those wanting to work as a nurse in the United Kingdom, assuring a better preparation for the IELTS exam:


  1. We enable nurses to do an innovative IELTS preparatory course, more comprehensive and individualized. Currently, we are recruiting nurses for a NHS Hospital, on the outskirts of London that offers nurses a course combining an online training program comprising 10 units, 280 hours of on-site teaching, a weekly online individual mentoring and 12 hours per week of interactive webinars.

Take this opportunity to succeed in the IELTS exam!


  1. We have created the IELTS Academy, a 2-weeks intensive course focused on the results and the achievements already accomplished in Portugal. This course is given by British Council instructors with a vast experience preparing IELTS. This course takes 60 hours on-site and 20 hours online. Once it is successfully concluded, Vitae Professionals guarantees you a position as a nurse in the United Kingdom. If you don’t have the opportunity to join the academy, another option is the IELTS preparatory course given in Portugal and developed by Vitae Professionals.

Whatever option suits you best, remember, you can beat the IELTS exam, and we are here to help you!

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