Hello everyone,

My name is Pietro, I'm a Senior Radiographer working at the LRI (Leicester Royal Infirmary - Leicester's Hospitals) since 2016 at first as Plain film radiographer but now as Cross-Sectional one.
The UHL trust gave me plenty of development opportunity since my arrival in Leicester, I've learned how to work in theatre and fluoroscopy, how to cannulate and how to coordinate shifts, I've become even more proficient in CT. The managers at the LRI are very supportive of your very own professional growth, they helped me when my HCPC registration was taking too long to arrive, and in just one year I moved from band 4 to band 6.
The city of Leicester might not be as beautiful as other most known cities in the Uk, but is a really cheap one, with amazing multiculturalism and a great Italian and Portuguese community counting of more than 50 Europeans radiographers very well integrated with the rest of the staff.
I truly think working in Leicester is an amazing opportunity an probably one of the best places where to begin in; with so many European radiographers already working in the trust, we know what is really needed for the newcomers especially during the first few months, you will truly feel welcomed!

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