Vitae Professionals© is specialized in the placement of professionals abroad. We seek to find stable and attractive employment solutions for our candidates, while responding to the shortcomings of the International Services.


    ✔ To be a leader in the recruitment market of professionals abroad and in Portugal, both nationally and internationally, generating high levels of employability and reaching the expectations of customers, employees, and partners.


    ✔ To be the reference in the resourcing of Portuguese professionals in foreign markets, translating into a greater number of direct employees.


    ✔ To achieve excellence in the training areas, being a reference of quality for national professionals who wish to develop their skills in the areas covered by us.


    ✔ To be a reference in the service of certification and translation of documents for professionals in general.



    Vitae Professionals® stands out for the quality of the service provided and the excellent professionals who make every effort to ensure the high success rate.



    We are proud to follow the course of our professionals throughout the recruitment process and after their integration in the destination country.


    Commitment & Confidence

    We create strong relationships with all candidates through close and constant contact. We provide support throughout the registration process in international professional associations. We assess the level of linguistic competence and seek effective solutions to promote language development.



    We are guided by a set of rules of responsible conduct and we guarantee confidentiality throughout the process. We treat all our customers with respect and integrity.



    We are a team of specialized professionals who guarantee the maximum level of success, achieving the best results for our clients. We give immediate response and all necessary information to those who request our services.


    The management policy of Vitae Professionals® is based on the following principles:


    Customer focus by the ...

    ... Compliance with the requirements applicable to the services provided and exceeding their expectations;

    ... Continuous search for effective solutions to promote the development of competencies;

    ... Continuous search for job offers that match the salary and professional development expectations of those who use our services;

    ... Constant updating with regard to employability requirements, enrollment in foreign professional associations and socio-economic policies of the countries where we recruit;

    ... Development of training actions adapted to the needs of the trainees and that correspond to the requirements of employability;

    ... Establishment of a relationship of trust and truth at all stages of the process;

    ... Accompaniment throughout the process of recruitment, translation, and certification and training services;

    ... Continuous improvement of the services provided to obtain customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.


    Focus on stakeholders ...

    ... Promotion of the involvement of all in the different processes of performing the service;

    ... Continuous search for health professionals that match the profiles required;

    ... Development of a recruitment process carried out in a transparent, rigorous and efficient manner, eliminating any barriers that may arise;

    ... Establishment of communication channels leading to efficient communication

    ... Constant updating with regard to employability requirements, enrollment in foreign professional associations and socio-economic policies of the countries involved;

    ... Establishment of a mutual relationship of transparency, rigor, and trust;

    ... Proactive attitude through continuous improvement of the management system


    Last updated: 19/02/2018

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