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General goal:

Learn the language you need to interact effectively with patients in the initial stages of their healthcare journey. The course focuses on 3 specific stages on a patient’s healthcare experience, and cover a wide range of communicative scenarios in each one: admission and interview, discussing specific problems and conducting examinations, observations and tests.


Specific goals:


At the end of the training, you will be able to:


  • Demonstrate command of medical English
  • manage difficult conversations with patients more effectively in English
  • display a stronger command of medical terminology and everyday clinical language
  • work with greater confidence in English


Course topics:


1. Admission and Interview

  • Introducing yourself to patients
  • Admitting a patient to hospital
  • Reassuring an anxious parent
  • Clerking a patient
  • Asking questions in a patient interview
  • Conducting a patient interview
  • Asking about past medical history



2.  Discussing specific problems

  • Types of pain
  • Describing acute and chronic pain
  • Using pain scales
  • SOCRATES and shoulder pain
  • Chest pain: describing cardiovascular conditions
  • Discussing intimate conditions
  • Talking about substance misuse and alcohol withdrawal



3. Observations and Tests

  • Putting a patient at ease
  • Taking blood pressure and pulse
  • Taking a blood sample
  • Taking temperature
  • Discussing neurological changes
  • Giving an INR blood test
  • Testing for tuberculosis
  • Taking a urine specimen
  • Doing an internal examination
  • Doing a cervical smear test



Addressee: Doctors with an English level B2 or C1.



Duration: Online course, 24 hours, 3 units.

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