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The IELTS Preparation Course aims to prepare all those interested in successfully completing the IELTS exam.


Registration and Payment Process:

Possibility of pre-registering through the Site, by telephone or by e-mail, which must be complemented with the completion of the registration form;

After registration and confirmation of the beginning of the course will be sent to the forming an email with all the information and indications to make the payment;

If there is withdrawal after payment of the course, only 50% of the amount paid by the student will be returned;

If the student, after giving up (in the above situation), takes the course later, will pay only 50% of the total amount of the course;

Payment by bank transfer requires the transfer of your transfer receipt as proof.


* This pack does not include the price of the IELTS exam or the certification and translation of documents. The price quoted does not include the value of VAT.


Last updated on 17/03/2017

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