Vitae Professionals is an International Recruitment Company of Healthcare Professionals, recognized in the market for its work, professionalism and the team of excellent professionals, who work continuously to find the best solutions and opportunities for their candidates and clients.


In order to get to know ourselves and for us to get closer to our candidates, Vitae Professionals made a presentation video, where we show our work, our team, our environment and what moves us every day: the happiness and professional achievement of all the people who trust and believe in us!


We invest in the constant evolution of our business vision, our work and our tools! We always want to be one step ahead and provide you with the best service nationally and the best experiences internationally.

We want you to know the team that daily shows up for the success of the company and turns any problems around, solving them quickly and effectively!


The happiness, interaction and involvement between Vitae Professionals and the environment is what makes us want to do more and better every day!

We are with you in your adventure! 


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