My name is Diana, I am 25 years old and I am a Midwife. In April 2022 I started working at Coombe Women&Infant University Hospital in Dublin.


Vitae Professionals supported me during the final stage of my recruitment process, the job interview. In December 2021 I received the pin from the NMBI and I decided to send my CV to CWIUH with no success. Finally I decided to contact a recruitment company. A friend of mine told me about Vitae Professionals and now I wish they would have supported me from the beginning of my journey!


The company scheduled an interview with the hospital of my dreams in just two weeks and helped me step by step. They acted as an intermediary between the hospital and me for months, helping me with the documentation and scheduling an interview preparation with the midwife Mariapia Dadò. This helped me to gain confidence in myself and familiarize with the type of questions that could have been asked, but most of all I learnt the medical terminology to use during a job interview.


Moreover, I really appreciated the support provided by Eleonora, she has always been kind and answered my questions precisely. Not to mention the support I received during the following weeks, in which she ensured that I was doing well and having a positive working experience.


Vitae Professionals helped me to make my dream come true! Their support over the whole hiring process truly made the difference. Now that I am a Midwife who works at The Coombe Women&Infants University Hospital I could not be more grateful to have come across them!!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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