I have always been skeptical about recruitment agencies for healthcare professionals. By chance, I came across this agency, while I was trying the umpteenth contest for Italian hospitals I thought that it would be another scam, but I wanted to try.

For what concerns my sector – Biomedical Laboratory Technician – I have been followed by Manuela Pontes, she guided me through all the process, answering all my questions and doubts regarding which documents I needed to work in UK hospitals, as well as which forms to fill in for the HCPC and what I should expect from this experience.


She told me immediately about the work possibilities in the sector and thanks to her I am working in a Laboratory of microbiological analysis in a big hospital in Coventry (she also helped me finding a house here). I had 2 Skype meetings with her, a phone call and we exchanged more than one thousand emails and messages.

The agency has a Translation and Certification documents service and regarding this I have to thank Eleonora Marinucci. She translated all my documents and honestly I was thinking it would be more expensive, but in my opinion the service is very cheap.


Manuela and Eleonora have always been present (also now I’m always contacting them to solve some particular situations here in the UK) and I think this is a great thing because in many occasions we feel confused and we lose hope, so we need firm points we can count on. They are not just professional and patient: for me and I think also for other people they are points of reference.


For what concerns my experience here, I work 8 hours per day. Compared to the voluntary work in Italy, here in UK I work hard and no stop (but I have two breaks during the day that I can restore myself).

The first week I have been working on tampons, then on urine (where I am at the moment); I’m learning a lot also because I am doing things I have never done and using tools I have never seen before. I was afraid that I couldn’t be able to socialize, but I’m changing idea.

The relationship with managers and heads of departments is really different from the one I was used to in Italy. Here it’s a very friendly relationship and during your day they ask you how you’re doing, if you are enjoying the sector etc. I see a big willingness in these people I am surrounded by.

I am very happy with how it’s going and I really hope to continue and pursue my career here in the UK.


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