• General

    Excellent service, very friendly and helpful staff, very professional documents and extremely efficient in terms of timing.

    Very good value for money as well! Really happy and satisfied, will definitely use again if required!


    Ivana Nanut
  • Radiology Technician

    My name is Tiago Moura and I am a Radiology Technician. About four months ago I contacted Vitae Professionals aiming to work in the UK. Being sure of what I wanted, after many unsuccessful attempts in Portugal, they helped me organizing all the necessary documentation and guided me to adapt to this country. Surprisingly (to me) some time later I was proposed a vacancy. I didn't think twice! I have been working as a locum for 4 weeks in a public hospital in the South and it has been a fantastic experience! In addition to the multi-nationality of multiculturalism of the people I have met, I even believe there is a Portuguese in every corner of the world. :) Proof that our work is appreciated, I've been working over two weeks beyond the deadline of my locum contract. After that, who knows? Since I am here the phrase "from one moment to the other our life changes" makes perfect sense. So, bet on what you really want and what will make you happy!

    Tiago Moura
  • Radiology Technician

    My name is Bruno Monteiro and I am a Radiology Technician. Over about three years I did an internship in Portugal. As it was impossible for me to find any type of contract or employment in Radiology in my country, I moved to England last year to continue to exercise my profession. After doing some research I found Vitae Professionals. I sent my CV (in English) and my details. On the following day I had an answer. I kept in constant contact with Vitae and about one month later I had an offer to work as locum in Oxford. So far it has been a very positive experience. The staff of the Radiology department is quite nice and receptive and has helped me a lot to adapt to the methods used in Radiology in England.
    Thanks Vitae!

    Bruno Monteiro

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