Vitae Professionals is looking for Nurses to work in several wards in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



We are looking for Staff Nurses for the following services:

  • Medical Staff Nurses
  • ICU Nurses
  • Pediatric Nurses
  • ER Nurses


Our client is also requesting Head Nurses, who should be of high qualification, expressive experience in their field, leadership skills and high quality of knowledge:

  • OR Head Nurse
  • Endoscopy Head Nurse
  • ICU Head Nurse
  • Medical Head Nurse
  • Surgical Head Nurse
  • OB-gyn Head Nurse
  • NICU Head Nurse
  • And L&D Head Nurse



  • Salaries - Tax-Free salary calculated according to qualifications and years experience:
    STAFF NURSES: around SR 14,500 – 15,500 (aprox. 3,187.24€ - 3,407.05€)
    HEAD NURSES: starting SR 20,000 – 24,000 (aprox. 4,396.19€ - 5,275.43€)
  • Contract: 2 years - first 3 months are a probationary period;
  • Food allowance;
  • Housing: free furnished accommodation onsite or allowance if you live off-site;
  • Annual leave: 30 days per year;
  • Public holidays: 10 days per year;
  • Flights: round trip ticket from point of hire to Jeddah per year;
  • Free medical coverage;
  • Transport.



4th - 8th of July



Renowned for their generosity and hospitality, and with many things to do and to see, Saudi Arabia is among the stablest and securest countries in the world. With towns and cities clean and accessible and modern public transport systems being developed throughout the country, Saudi Arabia has outstanding hospitals and efficient medical emergency services operating 24 hours a day. 


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