Vitae Professionals®, the biggest Portuguese company in Healthcare recruitment – with more than 3000 candidates placed in 7 years – is looking for Hematopathology/Clinical Pathology Consultants to work in Saudi Arabia.


On offer:

  • Free Return flight from home country into Saudi Arabia;
  • 1 free Flight per every year of employment;
  • Free Accommodation in a single home with access to Gym, pool and other social areas;
  • Free Transportation to and from work;
  • Starting salary: €13.500 per month with only 5% taxes;
  • 30 days Paid Annual Leave + 21 paid holiday Leave;
  • Children Educational Allowance:
  • Free spouse & children visa;
  • Yearly contracts renewed annually with retention bonus equivalent to 1/2 month´s salary;
  • Multicultural seaside location with international airport and all the facilities of a modern, fast-growing city!





  • EU/USA/New Zeland &Australian certification in Hematopathology and/or Clinical Pathology;
  • At least 3/4 years post specialization;
  • Good English level.


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