Within an Amsterdam based oncology hospital, the institute where research and care go hand in hand, you’ll work as an endoscopy nurse in an inspiring and unique environment. You’ll combine knowledge and technology with personal care for patients. In a team of nurses, you’ll work next to medical specialists from various specialities. To guarantee the quality care for patients who need an examination or treatment, there are continuous developments within the team that provide improvement and optimization. You will work in a well-equipped outpatient department that mainly focuses on endoscopic examination and treatment.





Your salary during this period, depending on experience, will start at 2.319€ and will go up to 3.322€ gross per month based on a 36-hour working week. If you are a certified endoscopy nurse, you’ll start with a salary between 2.759€ and 3.922€ gross salary per month based on a 36-hour working week (depending on experience).


This offer is based on:



  • 36- or 32- hour working week;
  • Travel expenses paid for Home-Hospital (€ 0,19 per KM);
  • Every year in May, you receive 8% more of your annual salary (almost equivalent to extra salary);
  • 25 vacation days per year + 7 special days;
  • Training course to prepare you for the job (approx. 1 month). 





  • Minimum of 2 years working in Endoscopy;
  • European Nursing Diploma;
  • European Citizenship;
  • Availability for the free Dutch Course. 


Your work consists of:


  •  Assisting with endoscopic examination and treatment for the specialties of gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, gynecology;
  •  Assisting with minor procedures for pain relief, surgery, head and neck surgery and plastic surgery;
  •  Providing nursing aftercare in the recovery for patients treated under sedation;
  •  Independently performing nursing procedures, such as changing PEG, SPC, CAD, bladder irrigation, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT);
  •  Holding nursing consultations to prepare patients for MDL examinations.

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