The Netherlands is becoming a more and more desired destination for our candidates, and as such, we continue to explore new opportunities to meet the needs of our healthcare professionals. The new partnership between Vitae Professionals and one of the largest employers in the Netherlands enables us to provide new opportunities for Dentists.

dentist recruitment

Dentists in the Netherlands have the chance to receive exceptional training, enabling them to specialize and continually enhance their skills. The modern and well-equipped working environment for dentists facilitates the delivery of high-quality healthcare, contributing to the Netherlands' recognition for the quality of its healthcare system. This is an excellent opportunity for you to advance in your career. You will have the privilege of working with one of the leading dental health groups in the Netherlands in a secure, pleasant, and inspiring workplace that allows you to enhance, develop, and share your knowledge and skills. These elements empower you to provide patients the best possible dental care. Following the employer's guidelines, all professionals can unfold and demonstrate their potential.




Language Training:

  • Free language course adapted to the candidate: individual lessons and support with a study platform;
  • Possibility of financial support during the training
  • 2 weeks of specialized training with a recognized dentist in the Netherlands.
  • Flight to the Netherlands provided
  • Assistance upon arrival at the airport and transportation to your new home.


After start working:

  • You will be working as an independent contractor with unlimited gaining potential. Depending on your performance and hours worked, you will be able to earn between 40.800€ and 66.500€ on your first year of work. This will gradually increase up to 95.000€ and 200.000€ on year 5. 
  • Full support from a dedicated team in The Netherlands With regular meet ups.
  • Training and progression opportunities in one of the biggest dental groups in Europe
  • Big Registration guidance and costs
  • Support to find accommodation close to the clinic
  • Work for one of the biggest dental health groups in The Netherlands




  • Dentist degree recognized in Europe;
  • EU Citizenship;
  • Good english level;
  • Availability to join the language course in June.

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