Working in the United Kingdom or Ireland can be a very rewarding work experience but it certainly presents some challenges that you will need to take into account! If you are looking for a job on your own initiative, you will have to find the vacancies that are most appropriate for your profile and to see if the location and work environments are what you are looking for.



You will also have to look for relevant information about the necessary procedures for enrollment in the respective professional association, banking entities, finance and social security, among others. There is already a lot of information available on speciality websites and you can always ask friends and acquaintances who are already in the country for more information they find useful or even refer you to their current job.


On the other hand, in order to increase the chances of success, it is also necessary to search for as many vacancies as possible and that you like, compete for each of these vacancies by adapting your CV and cover letter to each of the positions. And if you are successful and called for the much-desired interviews, it is necessary to be prepared to travel and do the same in person, being that at this stage it is essential to be the best prepared possible by collecting as much information about your interviewer and institution. Some employers already offer Skype interviews so you should always question this possibility and it will always be a good idea to try to gather as many interviews as possible to increase your chances of success and save on the associated costs!



Specialized international recruitment agencies can be a good alternative as they are better aware of the reality of the country they are going to work for, their specificity and professional requirements. Some (the best ones) can also help with information on the process of going, traveling, lodging and negotiating with the employer some help for a process that will always be costly in the first phase!



Why should I choose VitaeProfessionals to assist in this recruitment process?


Well, we like to think that we are among the best in Europe to recruit in the health area. And apparently, our candidates and clients tend to agree with us! Since the beginning of our activity, we have worked with more than 2000 health professionals from different areas in search of a new professional experience in the UK and Ireland and we have even more direct clients and recruitment partners that allow us to offer the best vacancies and more suitable to your Professional profile and personal desires.



We have positions for professionals from different areas in multiple locations and to work in both the private and public sectors. We also have vacancies for all levels and years of experience from the recent graduate who now wants to start his career to the most experienced professional looking for a professional change or a new position that allows him to progress in his professional career. The difficulty is really in the choice!



As many of those who work with us (some health professionals) have already had professional experience in the UK or Ireland, we are also well aware of the difficulties and challenges inherent in such a process and the importance of knowing how to plan and manage this change in favour of more professional and personal integration!


For this reason, we offer all the available information about the vacancies, work place, location and administrative processes needed, offering support from the beginning with all our knowledge acquired during these years of work. We also offer a 100% reliable and inexpensive document translation and certification service as well as a set of courses that can complement your training and help with this transition.


Changing country, starting our professional and personal life in a new reality, with many imponderables and doubts, is never an easy choice and always requires a lot of consideration. At VitaeProfessionals we like to think that we can make this process the least costly possible for a final goal that we all want. The beginning of a new career that you want as rewarding as possible!


And best of all, it's that our recruitment services are 100% free to all of our candidates! If you are thinking of an experience outside of Portugal come and talk to us and see why we think we are different!


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