We understand you have been thinking about moving to the UK because your colleagues keep telling you that you’ll able to earn more money, but did you ever looked appropriately for how much money will you make working as a Registered Nurse in the UK?



United Kingdom offers a bunch of advantages and great conditions for Nurses, this is a fact we can’t (and we won’t) refute, but we also believe that it is important that you sit down and carefully reflect on this decision in order to find out if it would be the right choice to “leave everything behind” and start working abroad in total new professional and personal experience. WE BET IT WILL, but still, we want to highlight the importance of this kind of decisions, because they’re life-changing. Don’t you agree?


So, how much money will you potentially be earning working as a Registered Nurse in the UK, in fact?

According to NHS Employers, the annual salary for a Nurse in the UK depends upon the specific Nursing position, skills required, experience and job location. As we can see here, “in 2014, the starting salary for a fully qualified nurse began at 21,478 pounds.”

image via Glassdoor

Image via Glassdoor


In the image above you can see the national average Nurses salary. This includes Nurses working in the NHS but also the ones working for private institutions. In order to understand how much money a Nurse working in the NHS can make, you can also look at the image below:

Image via Indeed

Image via Indeed


NHS Nurses:

The best (and easiest way) way to understand how much money you can make working as a Nurse in the UK is to have a look at the pay scales for NHS nursing staff in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). And you can do it here or here.

What are the benefits of working in the NHS?

Professionals who join the NHS are guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities (here’s something that you cannot find in every country) and given every opportunity to increase it through training and development.

Besides the basic salary, you will receive at least 27 days' holiday each year (plus a range of other benefits including occupational health and counseling services). Click here to see all the benefits.


Explore all information provided in the sources in this article and you’ll certainly have all your doubts clarified. Do you have any extra doubts regarding working as a Nurse in the UK? Contact us and we will help you: info@vitaeprofessionals.com.


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