The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is an independent, UK-wide regulatory body responsible for setting and maintaining standards of professional training, performance, and conduct of the 16 healthcare professions that it regulates. The HCPC registration changed in 2018 and there's now a new form to be filled by Allied Health Professionals interested in working over the United Kingdom. 



There are 2 different HCPC registrations (the temporary and the full versions), but only one of these is welcomed by the hospitals: the full HCPC registration. 



Temporary HCPC Registration - why is it inadvisable?


This Temporary version takes 2 months to be completed (after sent). It’s free of costs but the Hospitals do not appreciate this version because Allied Health Professionals with a temporary HCPC registration are not entitled to work as Allied Health Professionals, only as technicians. For this reason, professionals of these areas with a temporary registration are not allowed to sign permanent band 5 contracts. Besides all this, professionals with this kind of registration are only allowed to work in the UK for 1 year. In order to complete this registration, you need to have a UK address and an insurance in the United Kingdom to cover the risk of professionPlease be aware that it’s almost impossible to find a job or a good job with this registration.



Full HCPC Registration 


On the other hand, the Full HCPC process takes up to 4 months to be completed and it will have a cost (£495) but the thing is, with this registration you’ll be able to work as Allied Health Professionals and perform all exams / work independently. 


Please visit the HCPC website:




How to fill in the HCPC registration forms? 


If you need to fill in one of this registration forms, here you have a guide on how to do it:


Temporary HCPC - you need to fulfill this form.

Then, you need to send 4 documents (certified and translated if necessary):

- certified copy of your passport (or citizen card);

- certified copy (and translation) of your degree;

- certified copy of your professional card;

- letter from your Professional Council, proving that you can work as a professional in your area.

And to make sure it's all ok, enclose a criminal record;

- Insurance number to cover your profession.


Full HCPC - you need to fulfill this form (mutual recognition document).

Then, you need to send at least the next documents:

- certified copy of your passport (or citizen card);

- certified copy of your driver’s license;

- certified copy + certified translation of your degree; 

- certified copy of your professional card or equivalent from your council (if you have one);

- letter from your Professional Council saying you can work as a professional in your area (by European law) or Good standing letter;


- course Information Form – CIF. You need to ask your University to fulfill this document. You can download it here. The CIF must have all details from ALL classes you attended in your degree + internships;

- a letter confirming your address (you can ask your bank for one proof of address and it must be certified/original).




Document Translation and Certification - who can do it for you?


Easy! We can. Have a look at our Document Translation and Certification Service.


It’s important to read the guidelines from HCPC to understand the right way to do it.



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