According to the latest International Migration Report (2017) released by the UN, the United Kingdom is listed among the five largest hosting countries in the world, climbing five spots since the year 2000.


8,8 million of international migrants gather in the promising islands fighting for a brighter future.



It is widely known that the vast majority of fresh graduates in the field of Healthcare emigrating to the country are nurses. However, the UK opens doors to other Healthcare areas too, hosts interesting offers for fresh graduates and experienced professionals!


Why is the UK so renowned and appealing to migrants?


·      Many job opportunities and better working conditions


·      Clinics and hospitals are technologically developed, which is interesting when working and/or investigating


·      Employers tend to invest large quantities of money in their workers through financed training


·      You will have the opportunity to learn English, which is relatively easier than other European languages


·      It is a good way to save some money in a short period of time since salaries are considerable high


·      It is easy and cheap to travel from/to the UK


·      Considering its large multiculturalism, it can be a fruitful experience to meet people and friends from all over the world


These are the main reasons why the United Kingdom is so well-known among Healthcare actors looking for a better future (nurses, doctors, vets, radiographers, etc.). There are many opportunities waiting for you. Come and see it yourself!




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