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General goal: 

SLC’s English for Care course is for Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and careers working in hospitals, care homes and nursing homes. It teaches the English needed to communicate effectively with patients and with other healthcare professionals at work.


Special goals:


At the end of the training, you will be able to:


  • Learn a language that HealthCare assistants have to use for an efficient communication with the patient, dealing with falls, mental health issues, infection control, dealing with elderly patients, taking observations, and managing daily activities.
  • Learn essential vocabulary, medical terms and communicative techniques to use in many different care scenarios.



Course Topics:

  • patient admission
  • eating and drinking
  • toileting a patient
  • mobility
  • pressure area care
  • falls and injuries
  • elderly patients
  • infection control
  • pain
  • mental health



Addressee: The course is designed for HCAs and careers with an elementary or low-intermediate (A2-B1) level of English who work, or are preparing to work, in an English-speaking environment, including hospitals, care homes, and community healthcare practices.



Duration: 60 hours of study, divided into 10 clearly defined 6-hour sections.

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