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Ireland has been on the spotlight at European and world level, due to its excellent quality of life and great development across fundamental topics: income, employment, personal safety, health conditions, education and breathtaking landscapes. The country is also rich in historical traditions and its identity is unique. In this article, we leave you with some curiosities about Ireland, a country increasingly sought for a balanced work and personal life.


- In Ireland there is a strong ecological awareness. The country was the first in the world to introduce an ecological tax on plastic bags in 2002. 



- When compared to other countries in the world, Ireland is considered a peaceful and safe country. Crime rates are low, curiose note: neither the population nor the police use weapons. The Garda Siochána (official name of the Irish police) is well respected by the population.  



- The Irish are one of the biggest beer consumers in the world and produce one of the best known beers: Guinness, since 1759, known worldwide as one of the country symbols. 



- Despite enjoying their beer, the Irish promote conscientious consumption: before 10 am and after 10 pm, it is not possible to buy alcoholic beverages in the supermarket. 


- One of the favorite foods of the Irish is potatoes, there are several recipes with this ingredient. One of Irish gastronomic specialties is the Irish Stew which consists of a stew made with meat and vegetables. The meat commonly used is lamb. 



- Football is one of the most popular sports and with the largest number of fans in all of Ireland. 


- There are two official languages in Ireland: English (with strong accent changes) and Gaelic (Irish). Interestingly, not all Irish people speak Gaelic.



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