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Become a Scrub Nurse in 6 months? In the UK it's possible! Here is the feedback of Angelo, a nurse from Italy that is now working at the University Hospital of Southampton.





What made you decide to work as a Nurse in the United Kingdom?

The opportunity to grow professionally was the main reason I decided to move and work in the UK. Moreover, the possibility to work abroad for me was a unique and once-in-a-lifetime event.


Are you satisfied with your decision?

Yes, I am satisfied with the choice I made. I get along well with my colleagues and the work environment is excellent!


What about your new job? How is it going in Southampton?

I have been recruited by Southampton General Hospital as a Scrub Nurse in Hepatobiliary. Since my graduation, this has always been the setting I preferred and this hospital heard and satisfied my request to work in theatre. I did a 6 months’ probation period during which I was working and learning to become a Scrub nurse. My colleagues supported and trained me until I was able to work autonomously and team up with them!





What have you appreciated the most during the recruitment process?

I really appreciated the training of Vitae Professionals' English teachers. They were always available, prepared to correct mistakes and answer any questions I had. Moreover, the presence of my recruiter Eleonora along the recruitment process was continuous and she has always been available for me.


Which has been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me has been the OET exam, no doubt. It is an exam I was afraid of since the beginning, but through the study and the help of the teachers of Vitae Professionals I understood exactly how to pass the exam without any problem.


How was your experience with Vitae Professionals?

My experience with Vitae professionals was positive. The dedication of the team in helping healthcare professionals to work abroad is incredible. I am happy with the path I have made and I would do it again! I want to thank Eleonora and all the English teachers that guided me along this journey. I am happy to work in the UK!


Thank you Angelo for your kind words and continuous commitment along the process! We wish you a bright career!!

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