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A few days ago, we shared with you the secret behind our OET Preparation programs in an article where we promised to introduce you our super team. It is composed of an experienced coordinator, healthcare professionals, and teachers with years of experience in the preparation for English exams.


Our tutors have a great sense of commitment when it comes to the success of our trainees, and they never give up on each one of them until the moment they reach their maximum potential.



Wait no more. Meet our specialists:


Isabel Cruz

I am passionate about my job and I always give the best of me in every project I am in. I am graduated in Training Management and Organization, with nearly 20 years experience in the training field. 

I have been Vitae Professionals' Training Department Coordinator for 4 years, being responsible for the planning, development, and evaluation of our Training Department processes.

I have been managing the OET Preparation Course since 2018. This is a project that I am pleased to be a part of because I find it very fascinating to be able to help others achieve their dreams.





Teresa Pole-Baker

I am a native English speaker from near London, but I’ve been living and working in Portugal for a long time. My background is in business and economics, but I retrained when I moved.  I took the Cambridge University CELTA, then did an MA in education, followed by a PhD, then Trinity Postgraduate Diploma, and finally a second MA in language education, as well as a number of other short courses.

I have been teaching English for many years in language schools, such as Cambridge School, but then mostly in higher education, teaching technical and academic English including English for health (such as Nursing, Dentistry, Physiotherapy). Currently I teach English for Nursing at the Universidade Católica, where I also run a course for English for researchers for people doing their PhDs.  

In the summer I teach academic English at King’s College in London, preparing masters students in various academic fields to write and participate in seminars. I used to be an examiner for Cambridge University exams, but now I am an international examiner for Trinity College. In my free time, I also do research into learner autonomy.

I started working for Vitae Professionals in November last year, preparing nurses for their OET exam.




Michelle Hughes

Originally from Ireland I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English and an MA in English Language Teaching. Over the last ten years I have focused on supporting students who are preparing for exams, including Cambridge Exams and in more recent years the OET.

I am passionate about helping students to improve their language skills and working with them so they can develop their exam strategies and achieve their goals. 






Niamh McLoughlin

I am a fully qualified foreign languages teacher with years of experience teaching English, French and Spanish in a wide range of learning environments. I have worked with students of all ages - from preschool children, to high school students, to business and health professionals. Given my experience in secondary and higher-level educational systems, I am particularly qualified to assess candidates passing official language certification exams (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, OET). 

I am originally from Ireland, but have spent recent years working in various countries throughout Europe and North America. I am currently teaching freelance to enjoy the freedom of working with students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

I am passionate about learning languages myself, and this motivates me in my teaching everyday - I ensure that learning a language can be an accessible and enjoyable experience for anyone!




Maria Novak

I am a passionate teacher and language enthusiast. I have a degree in English Philology and International Relations. I have over five years of experience teaching English as a Second Language.

I have taught students of all ages from beginner to advanced, prepared students for various exams, and gave Business English classes to employees of different companies in Poland and Portugal. 

I have been preparing nurses for the OET exam for over a year now. I speak English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Portuguese.

I have a creative approach to teaching; and make sure that my classes are engaging, effective, and tailored to each student's specific needs.




Bruno Silva

My name is Bruno, I'm 24 years old and I'm a Perioperative Nurse from Porto, Portugal. Apart from that, I am a Reiki Therapist and Certified Makeup Artist. The reason why I'm sharing this is because I would like to highlight how important it is, specially given the current situation the world is in, to find ways of balancing your professional life and to maintain our body as healthy as possible. That being said, it is a huge pleasure for me to work alongside Vitae Professionals due to the fact that this is the perfect opportunity for me to help other people going through the same (sometimes tough) process I've gone through in the past. 

My career started in 2018, in Cambridge, UK, in Cambridge University Hospitals - Addenbrooke's Hospital, where I first started working as a scrub nurse in Interventional Radiology, and then moved to the Main Theatres Department to work in Plastic Surgery/Plastic Trauma, also as a scrub nurse. I've recently come back to Portugal, where I'm still working as a perioperative nurse. 





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