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Never heard about Southampton, UK? Better late than ever. One thing we are for sure: as you read this article, the city will look a lot like that one on your dreams’.


If you’re considering a new life in the United Kingdom, you need to hear about Southampton. It is the largest city in Hampshire and it has a world-class university, a vibrant job market, and a thriving city centre. Curious?


What you need to know:

Population: more than 250.000 

Official language: English

Currency: £ GBP




Images source: Pixabay




Southampton is located in the sunny South East Coast of England (Hampshire), close to Portsmouth and 110 km away from London. It has a big industrial heritage and a strong maritime history. The sea plays a big part in the life of the city.


Southampton has been famous for being a liner port since the middle of the 1800’s and it has played an important role in World War II. And here’s something we’ve been wanting to tell you: Titanic embarked from here for its last trip.




Expatistan cost of living index tells us that it is 34% cheaper to live in Southampton than in London. Food costs are actually similar in both cities. However, housing, transportation, and entertainment are significantly cheaper in Southampton, when compared with the capital.




Average Southampton prices for a flat are around £155,000. Average rental costs for a 2-bedroom property in Southampton are around £840.




Being a port city, Southampton's employment is centered around the docks. Other main employers are the University of Southampton, the city’s hospital, the council, the service industries, and construction. If you’re searching for a job in the health care sector, see here the opportunities we have in Southampton.




Southampton offers a wide range of activities, attractions, and nightlife.


Eating out is an eclectic experience, once the city has restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. If you love a good night out, Southampton has plenty to offer from live music venues to historic pubs serving real ale. With a large student population, you’ll find plenty of gigs and clubs. And you also have plenty of parks for you to do some exercise and get some fresh air.




Families will love Southampton’s museums (the SeaCity Museum that offers a fantastic interactive model of the Titanic and the Solent Sky Museum, an inspirational trip for young aviation fans, are two great examples) and shopping centers (important to highlight West Quay, one of the largest in England).


You can also spend some time doing activities by the sea, such as sailing, for instance.  You will have over 50 parks to discover in Southampton with the kids.


Southampton is a popular place to study, with students from all around the world choosing the University of Southampton and with some well-performing schools.





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