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Mara Silva is 22 years old, she is a nurse and currently working in the Netherlands. She received a job offer through Vitae Professionals and after completing the selection process and the Dutch language course, she is very satisfied with her choice to pursue an international career. It is not always easy to get out of our comfort zone but, in this brief interview, Mara tells us how our consultant Luisa Moreira and the Dutch employer helped her through the process.




What made you decide to choose the Netherlands? 


Two main reasons: I have always loved discovering new cultures and there is nothing better than living and working in another country. On the other hand, I have chosen this country because of the career progression and the recognition of our profession. 


Are you happy with your choice? Why?


Of course. Despite the difficulty with the Dutch language, everybody - employer, colleagues and users - have been very empathetic and kind, helping me to overcome this little obstacle!! The conditions are the same as proposed and it is a beautiful and free country to live in. 


What did you appreciate the most during the recruitment process?


The support! For any problems or doubts I had, I just needed to email Luisa and I have always received a quick response.


Which was the biggest challenge you experienced along this journey?


For sure the language was the biggest challenge. The Dutch language is not easy and each region has its pronunciation and dialects. 


How was your experience with Vitae Professionals?


Great! Luisa helped us with the documents, the interview and anything we would need, she supported us along all the relocation process! Both Vitae and the employer here in the Netherlands have been crucial to make this an easy and smooth process.


Are you happy with your employer?

Yes, the conditions are the same as stated in the proposal and everybody has always been very helpful!


What would be your advice to a colleague that is not satisfied with the current professional situation or unemployed?

There are plenty of possibilities! My advice is to look for the best conditions and a job that makes us feel well. If in your home-country you are not able to develop your career as you wish, there are multiple opportunities abroad!


Aftering reading Mara's experience, are you also thinking about embracing a new challenge? Click here to access all the information about our open positions for Nurses in the Netherlands. Luisa will be available to clarify your doubts and support you along all the process!

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