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We are very proud to share with you the feedback of our candidate Antonella, a midwife from Italy, who is currently working in the maternity department of Ipswich Hospital, in the UK. These achievements always make us very happy!





What made you decide to work as a Midwife in the United Kingdom?


Better working conditions, possibility to develop, masters and professional courses funded by the hospital, the different roles of the midwife (such as diabetes midwife, community midwife, practice development midwife, sonographer), one to one care, better working-life balance (7 weeks of holiday, days off chosen by the employee, 12h shifts 3 times a week), continuous support from senior midwife, team work, respect for the independence of the professional role.



Are you happy with your choice?


Yes, a lot! I cannot even imagine working in Italy.



What did you appreciate the most during the recruitment process?


Definitely the continuous follow up of Vitae Professionals team, especially Eleonora that replied always quickly, she reassured and guided me along the entire journey (mostly with paperwork).



Which has been the main challenge to face?


My case is a bit different because I have been living in the UK for three years before practicing as a midwife, so I did not have any communication problems with the English staff, way of working or ride from my house (near Cambridge) to Ipswich where I work.



How was the experience with Vitae Professionals?


Very positive indeed, I strongly recommend them. All the recruiting team and teachers have been always available, kind, professionals and very flexible.





Have you ever dreamt about working as a Midwife in the UK? Contact us! Our team will support you throughout the recruitment process - interview preparation, OET course, help with NMC registration and VISA request - until you will be ready to move and start working!



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