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You have just finished you nursing degree and between the fear and nostalgia you are also invaded by hope and curiosity to know what the future has planned for you. Taking into account the growing competitiveness in the labor market, the increased professional ambitions of the young generations and also the new global mobility, we cannot fail to present you with International opportunities for nurses. 




In a search for better personal and professional conditions, more and more professionals choose to expand their horizons beyond borders. This leads to the development of language and important soft skills such as flexibility, sense of autonomy, adaptability and creativity as well as a culturally sensitive approach to care which is  so valued in the current job market. Vitae Professionals has the ability to support you throughout the training, transition and integration process to maximize opportunities and reduce the challenges inherent in this mobility process.


Between France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Among opportunities in a hospital or geriatric context, adult health or pediatrics. Between processes 100% funded by the employer, with access to support in temporary or permanent accommodation, to partially funded processes.



Your career, your choice! It's your decision! Tell us where you want to go and we'll help you define your journey! 


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