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On 17 March we celebrate St. Patrick's Day - Ireland's most important holiday, as it is a celebration in honour of the Irish patron saint: St. Patrick. For that reason, today we bring you some fun facts about this commemorative date. Have a good time reading! Some are really unexpected and surprising!





1. March 17 is actually the date of St. Patrick's death
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on the date of St. Patrick's death and whenever this bank holiday falls on a Sunday it is moved to Monday. The patron saint is buried in the town of Downpatrick and at the burial site has been built The Saint Patrick Centre, an exhibition centre dedicated to his life and work.

2. And in the midst of all this.... Saint Patrick is not Irish!

True!!! The Irish patron saint was actually English! From a wealthy family in England, he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland, where he lived in captivity for many years until he managed to escape and return to his country. However, when he became bishop of the Catholic Church, he declared that he had received a divine calling, which indicated that he should return to the Irish island and evangelise the pagan Celts.

3. The three-leaf clover was used by Saint Patrick to evangelise the Celts

It is said that Saint Patrick took advantage of the popularity of the three-leaf clover among the people of Ireland (who considered the plant a symbol of luck) to use it to evangelise the pagan Celts. The patron saint explained the Holy Trinity by comparing the leaves of the shamrock to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4. If your favourite colour is green.... you will love St. Patrick's Day!

During the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Ireland is ( even more ) covered in green: drinks, clothes, buildings, monuments, rivers, everything is dressed in this colour that is a symbol of the country and one of the colours of the flag.




5. Did you know that you can take part in the commemorative parade?

The street parade is the highlight of the St. Patrick's Day celebrations and... you can take part! Anyone can, without restrictions. Just register a few weeks in advance on the official St. Patrick's Festival website, and pick up your costume on the day itself, free of charge.


6. Where does the biggest St. Patrick's Day parade take place? 

It is certainly amazing to take part in the St. Patrick's Day street parade in Dublin. However, and to everyone's surprise, the biggest parade does not take place in Ireland but in the United States of America - New York has one of the largest Irish communities in the world.




7. This is the only time you can drink alcohol on the streets of Ireland

The Irish are known for their love of drink. However, the consumption of alcohol on the country's streets is prohibited and punishable. This ban is lifted on St. Patrick's Day, the only day of the year when the Irish can drink beer on city streets.


8. Guinness consumption doubles on St. Patrick's Day

The brand Guinness beer is almost the official drink of this Irish holiday. On March 17, worldwide consumption of this beer increases from 5 to 13 million litres. In Ireland, a few weeks before St. On Patrick's Day, pubs stock up on Guinness. 





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