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When we talk to our candidates and receive such positive feedback, we are motivated to work even harder. Beatrice is a midwife in the UK. We are very happy to be part of her journey.





What made you decide to work as a Midwife in the United Kingdom?

I decided to work as a midwife in the UK because of the awareness of the importance of the Midwife role within the pregnancy management and low-risk deliveries, the high professional independence compared to Italy, according to my experience.

Are you happy with your choice?

Yes, I have been here for 2 months now and I am very happy with my choice so far.


What did you appreciate the most during the recruitment process?

I appreciated that they have supported me a lot once I got here, especially the head of the Human Resources department of the hospital that picked me up at home to show me where I needed to be on the first day and help me fill out the necessary paperwork. I appreciated that they welcomed me with kindness and politeness, my colleagues and my manager have always supported and helped me. 


Which has been the main challenge?

For me the biggest challenge has been taking the degree in 2019 and not practicing before starting to work here in 2022. So I would say not practicing the profession for two years, as well as the language.

How was your experience with Vitae Professionals?

It was very important because they helped me to prepare myself both for the interview and the OET exam successfully. Moreover, Eleonora has always been available and present to help me at every step of this journey. 


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